Message from the Solicitor

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DCM has enabled the Sixteenth Circuit to consistently lead the state in the speed with which cases are handled as well as conviction rates for over ten years.  The quality of justice has not suffered either as York and Union counties have more inmates per capita in the South Carolina Department of Corrections than any other circuit in the state. In addition to managerial innovations, this office is the only office in the state that utilizes digitally imaged case files. This has resulted in improved efficiency in the flow of information through the justice system, improved managerial oversight of cases during prosecution and elimination of the costly storage expenses of paper files after a case has been concluded. With the recent addition of a large media storage server our office will be able to preserve video and audio evidence for many years after conviction thereby ensuring the preservation of this evidence in the event that a conviction is overturned on appeal.

As important as sound management and innovation are, the character of any prosecutor’s office is measured by how that office treats the victims of crime it serves. In my many years as a prosecutor I have met some of the best people during the worst time in their lives.  Each victim expects the State's Attorney to treat them with dignity and respect and be forthright regarding the status of their case. Not only do I strive to provide that to each victim I deal with but I also demand that level of professionalism from each of my assistants and staff. Victims of abuse must not be further abused by encountering an indifferent system.

In the years to come it is my hope to focus more attention and resources on issues related to juvenile justice. My years as a prosecutor have left me firmly convinced that many career criminals could have been turned around had someone intervened in their lives early enough to make a difference.  With the proper attention many of these juvenile offenders could become productive citizens instead of wards of the state correctional system. It not only spares their future victims and is financially prudent, it is simply the right thing to do.

I will also focus greater attention on those victims that are especially vulnerable due to the nature of their status or the crime committed.  Elderly victims, children, domestic violence and sexual assault victims deserve special consideration from the criminal justice system. Those who prey on or neglect the weak, the elderly or children need to know that when they are caught that the response of a civilized society will be dramatic.

In conclusion, let me reiterate my commitment to enforce the laws of the state fairly and impartially. I pledge my word that this office will seek justice without fear or favor.  I will do everything in my power to see to it that the guilty shall be held accountable whether they be mighty or meek and no person shall suffer any penalty for a crime they did not commit.

I invite you to explore our website and take the time to learn a little bit more about the office. I am so proud of the work we do and the people that do it!  If you should see a mistake or feel that there is information you would like to see but don't please get in touch with us from our Contact Us page with any constructive input you may have. Thanks for visiting!